Blood in the semen is usually the result of inflammation of the seminal vesicles, and will usually go away spontaneously. Often, the cause cannot be determined.  And this is true to big extend. In most cases, the blood disappears within three weeks.

Blood in Semen
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A typical doctor's reaction is that blood in semen is not uncommon and is not necessarily a cause for alarm.

Read opinion to make sure nothing serious is happening to you.

First of All. Make sure the blood is from you, not from your partner. This is particularly likely if she is at the beginning or end of her period and the bleeding is not noticeable to her. If she is not menstruating, but you think the blood is from her, she may need a check-up. Use a condom the next few times you have sex. This will enable you to examine the semen, and be sure the bleeding is from you.

Reasons for blood to appear in the semen:
They’re a numbers of reasons for presence of blood in semen. Almost all of them could be defined as inflammatory. Even a minor infection can sometimes cause blood to appear in the semen. So generally you have nothing to worry about. However in order to be on an absolutely safe side and to clear your mind up you should check your self for one or more of these symptoms:
     Tenderness in the scrotum
     Swelling in scrotum
     Frequently urination
     Difficulty starting to urinate or hold back urine
     Swelling or tenderness in groin area
     Inability to urinate.
     Weak or interrupted flow of urine
     Painful or burning urination
     Difficulty having an erection
     Painful ejaculation
     Difficulty having an erection
     Pain with bowel movement
     Blood in urine
     Frequent pain or stiffness in the lower back, hips or upper thighs
Those are symptoms of prostate cancer. So if you have one of these symptoms it is better to get checked for a prostate health.

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